Content House is professional writing and editing. From the first word, we understand your business and your customers, blending our services seamlessly into your timelines and processes. We are the perfect solution to problems from crunch-time overflow writing to wordsmithing the magic touch that engages and retains your audience, to producing the nerdy-but-necessary tech stuff that modern business thrives on.

Product types

We write copy for SEO web content, business proposals, white papers, success stories and other marketing collatorals such as brochures and datasheets, published articles, and documentation.


We have over 25 years experience copywriting and copy editing for the telecom, healthcare, real-time OS, security, enterprise IT, UX design, tourism, journalism and government sectors.

Hot Topics

We can write copy on any subject. Some  trending topics we’ve been writing about lately include Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, genetics, and big data.

Check out some random samples of successful projects from our portfolio.

Seven Lifesaving Tips for Multicore Debugging

A clear, easy-to-read, introduction to the unique challenges software developers face when transitioning to multicore systems, and what to do about them.

Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management

Client: Adobe Systems • Audience: C-level Fortune-1000 executives • Product: LiveCycle • Media: Print and PDF

Security Impacts of Next Generation Set-Top Boxes

Streaming content technologies are evolving quickly and this whitepaper offers some keen industry insights for staying current

What our clients are saying …

When Content House wrote a brief for one of our projects, they captured and communicated nuanced messaging in an engaging and readable way. The result was pitch-perfect. We would work with them again.

Nathan Bowers-Krishnan, Aga Khan Foundation Canada

Content House delivers marketing materials reliably on tight schedules. They have the industry and technical knowledge to work in partnership with our experts and clients, and consistently produce great writing. It’s a true collaboration.

Vani Edwardson, Director of Marketing, Macadamian Technologies

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